You Are What You Sing

 Note: This is a slightly edited repost from September, 2010. If you’ve been to an average American church, no doubt you know what a cheesy Christian song is all about.  From “Shine Jesus Shine” to "From The Inside Out" to “I Can Only Imagine,” solid theology is out and emotions and feelings are in.   I… Continue reading You Are What You Sing

Bored, Boring, Boredom

 Richard Winter's book Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment is a great book that asks and answers this question from an intelligent, biblical point of view: Why are so many Americans bored when there are a billion things for us to do?  Another way to think about this topic is that Americans are "distracted from distraction by distraction."   In this book… Continue reading Bored, Boring, Boredom

Prayer: A Jewel of Christian Worship

 As Luke emphasizes around thirty times in the book of Acts, the Apostolic church was (is) a praying church, a people who gather to worship the Lord in prayer.  Throughout history the church has regarded prayer as a chief part of the corporate Christian life.  The Heidelberg Catechism, in its exposition of the 4th commandment, even says that God's will for… Continue reading Prayer: A Jewel of Christian Worship

The Misery and Menace of Mindless Christianity

From the human side of things, one major reason why I'm a Christian is because it makes sense to me intellectually.  Many false religions often meet emotional needs to some extent (i.e. the Mormon burning in the bosom or the Buddhist's inner tranquility), but none of them are as intellectually coherent and logical as the Christian faith.  This is one of many… Continue reading The Misery and Menace of Mindless Christianity

Christian Milk, Christian Cows

If you want a sharp and penetrating criticism of the Christian subculture (aka Christian bubble), you'll want to check out Fearless Faith by John Fischer.  Here's a section of it where Fischer quotes someone who used to work for a major Christian record label in Nashville. "I can tell you exactly when I knew I… Continue reading Christian Milk, Christian Cows