“Roman” and “Catholic” – Mutually Contradictory (Bavinck)

The phrase "catholic church" in the Apostles' Creed is a reference to God's people throughout history from all different tribes, tongues, and nations.  Of course this phrase, "catholic church" is also used by the papacy, which calls its church "The Roman Catholic Church."  But how can a church be tied so closely to a geographical… Continue reading “Roman” and “Catholic” – Mutually Contradictory (Bavinck)

Rome on Images and Liturgy

I always enjoy getting Interpretation, the Bible/Theology journal published by Union Theological Seminary.  Though I usually don't agree with everything I read, it is stimulating and enjoyable.  This month (the October 2007 issue -- not the picture above), I anxiously scanned the cover only to be let down.  The theme for the month is art and exegesis.  So here I… Continue reading Rome on Images and Liturgy