We Stand by the Power of God

The truth that God never forsakes his people but always preserves and protects them is one of those biblical teachings that is the source of deep comfort.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ (Rom. 8:39). No one can rip us out of the strong and loving arms of the Lord… Continue reading We Stand by the Power of God

Election and the Judgement of Charity (Calvin)

Calvin's CommentariesWhen we speak about election, we always have to understand that we don't have God's view or perspective on it.  We don't have access to all the names written in the book of life, nor can we pry into the secret counsel of God.  The question arises: Why does Peter write to Christians scattered… Continue reading Election and the Judgement of Charity (Calvin)

The Peril of Modernizing Paul

 Stephen Westerholm is a helpful voice for those of us opposed to the New Perspective(s) on Paul – perspectives which have been around for forty years or so.  In his recent book Justification Reconsidered, Westerholm explains and critiques the New Perspective(s) on Paul and also gives a biblical defense of the historic or classical perspective. … Continue reading The Peril of Modernizing Paul

Great Reformation Book, Great Price!

  Reformation Heritage Books has Carl Trueman's Reformation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow on sale for $5.00 (for a limited time).  I just ordered copies for my elders and deacons - it'll be on our winter reading/discussion list.  If you don't have it, I highly recommend getting it!  It's not long (120 pages) but it is good,… Continue reading Great Reformation Book, Great Price!

A Reformation Snapshot

  Calvin's commentary on Habakkuk 2.4 is a great snapshot of what the Reformation was/is all about.  He mentions how the NT relates to the OT (Paul to Habakkuk), he makes exegetical conclusions based on the Hebrew text, he points out the terrible errors of Rome, he talks about the law/gospel distinction, he shows how doctrine relates… Continue reading A Reformation Snapshot