No One Will Remember You! (Guinness)

We probably don't think about it too much, but there is such a thing as an unbiblical and unchristian view of time and history. False religions often have erroneous views. For example, Mormonism teaches that matter is eternal. Many Eastern religions teach reincarnation. And so forth. However, Scripture teaches that God,who is not bound by… Continue reading No One Will Remember You! (Guinness)

Church: A Waste of Time? (Bavinck)

 Herman Bavinck wrote the following words around 1890 in Holland, but they are quite relevant to our situation in the United States in the year 2019: Humility, as is rightly said, is the garment that always suits us... Humility must be our home and traveling and wedding and mourning garment.  In order to cultivate this… Continue reading Church: A Waste of Time? (Bavinck)

…Less of Our Hearts (Wilberforce)

 I appreciate the following section of William Wilberforce's book called "A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in This Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity."  I've edited it slightly: True, practical Christianity consists in devoting the heart and life to God.  It is governed supremely and… Continue reading …Less of Our Hearts (Wilberforce)

Why Are You So Busy?

 I've blogged on this excellent book before (here), and I keep thinking about it almost every other week: Tim Chester's The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness.  This is one of the best and most relevant books I read in 2010 - and those I passed it along to said the same.  If you are over-booked,… Continue reading Why Are You So Busy?

Quotes On Listening

Studying James 1.19-25 this week led me to think long and hard about the virtue of good listening - specifically listening to God's Word (v 22; cf Ecc. 5.1-2, Prov 10.19, etc).  It is so hard to be a good listener in our noisy and entertainment-driven culture of texting and images.  I enjoy movies and… Continue reading Quotes On Listening