Binge Resting (a.k.a. Vacation)

  "Our society has adopted a pattern of 48 weeks of work and four weeks of rest.  We overwork for most of the year and then 'binge rest' for four weeks.  But this was not the pattern for which we were made.  We 'need' holidays because our normal lives are so out of balance.  The… Continue reading Binge Resting (a.k.a. Vacation)

Willimon on Acts 2.42

What does an apostolic church look like? A whirlwind of programs ever looming on the horizon? Willimon has a biblical answer: "In all these activities of teaching, fellowship and sharing, breaking of bread, and praying we see a well-rounded picture of the church, the marks of authentic embodiment of the Spirit in the community's life,… Continue reading Willimon on Acts 2.42