The Mentality of an Abuser

Many of us know people that are manipulative, abusive, and unstable yet put on a good façade and trick many people (even in the church).  Good questions arise: what is the mentality of an abusive person?  How can we spot him?  What type of thinking, speaking, and acting do abusers display?  Jeff Crippen and Anna… Continue reading The Mentality of an Abuser

The Mentality of Abuse

In the past few years, I've written several posts on church bullies and abuse (also here).  These two topics overlap and I've studied them on and off for some time.  Another resource that has to do with these topics is Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men by Lundy… Continue reading The Mentality of Abuse

How Church Bullies Deceive Us

I originally wrote this post one year ago (November, 2015), but it is still very relevant today.  I'm re-posting it with the hopes and prayers it will help Christ's church even in some small way! ---- Sadly, there is such a thing as a church bully.  He’s the guy who manipulates, pressures, blames, and coerces… Continue reading How Church Bullies Deceive Us