Infant Baptism and the Reformation

Why do Reformed churches baptize infants along with adults?  That’s a huge question, obviously.  Using a few paragraphs from Bryan Holstrom’s Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament, I’m only going to deal with one small part of a bigger discussion in this post.  Here’s Holstrom: “For years… [since becoming a Christian and… Continue reading Infant Baptism and the Reformation

Who Is Jesus? Thinking Rightly of Christ

If you’re looking for a solid, biblical, and historic Christian book that is a basic study of who Jesus is, you’ll have to get this one: Thinking Rightly of Christ by Bryan Holstrom.  (Side note: Andrew has interviewed Bryan here before, and noted another helpful book he has written, namely, Infant Baptism and the Silence… Continue reading Who Is Jesus? Thinking Rightly of Christ