A Helpful Resource for Learning Greek Vocab

Today there are tons of resources to help people learn biblical Greek. From apps to videos to flashcards, thankfully we have quite a few tools at our disposal for learning NT Greek. And people are different. Some learn vocabulary best with flashcards. Others learn well from an app. I'm a bit old school when it… Continue reading A Helpful Resource for Learning Greek Vocab

Erasmus, the Greek NT, and the KJV

One of the big names in the history of the Greek New Testament’s transmission is Desiderius Erasmus (d. 1536).  Our readers might know him as the man whom Luther debated in his excellent Bondage of the Will.   Something not quite as well-known is the fact that the NT in the KJV stands largely on Erasmus’… Continue reading Erasmus, the Greek NT, and the KJV

Sortes Biblicae, Sortilege, or Bible Lottery

Bruce Metzger wrote a fascinating article in The Oxford Companion to the Bible (which he also co-edited) called Sortes Biblicae.  Sortes is a very ancient method of fortune-telling (also called sortilege), which consisted of using popular literature in a random way which would in turn be followed as guidance for life.  For example, people would write verses of Virgil or Homer… Continue reading Sortes Biblicae, Sortilege, or Bible Lottery