The Coolest Church In Town!

Here's an excerpt of Hipster Christianity worth reading. "Part of the new 'rethink everything!' disposition of evangelicalism in the eighties and nineties was an aggressively commercialistic development of an evangelical subculture.  A mind-set of 'whatever the secular culture can do, we can do too - only Christianly!' arose.  As a result, we saw the birth… Continue reading The Coolest Church In Town!

Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity

I'll never forget the time I told my Sunday School class that Christianity wasn't cool.  They shot me puzzled looks, thinking I was saying that Christianity is dumb.  After a little explanation, they pretty much agreed that it's not so cool.  This also reminds me of the first time I heard a youth pastor speak.  I… Continue reading Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity