Related: Boredom and Selfishness

 In Richard Winter's excellent book, Still Bored in A Culture of Entertainment, he makes the great point that boredom and selfishness are quite related. "We are called not only to enjoy the world of God's creation but also to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Throughout the Bible we find a strong emphasis on… Continue reading Related: Boredom and Selfishness

Bored, Boring, Boredom

 Richard Winter's book Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment is a great book that asks and answers this question from an intelligent, biblical point of view: Why are so many Americans bored when there are a billion things for us to do?  Another way to think about this topic is that Americans are "distracted from distraction by distraction."   In this book… Continue reading Bored, Boring, Boredom

Trueman On Apathy (If You Care)

This book brings me back around: Carl Trueman's Minority Report. I'm really enjoying it - and that's a big understatement.  Here's a great summary of his chapter (2.1) on apathy.  He gives and explains four reasons why so many people today are apathetic. "First, there is materialistic comfort."  Trueman says that people who have tons of stuff… Continue reading Trueman On Apathy (If You Care)