Leading, Reading, Marking

Last spring a friend and I read through parts of Albert Mohler’s The Conviction to Lead.  It’s a basic sort of introduction to leadership from a Christian perspective.  We thought the book was OK, but not outstanding.  The 25 principles were not explained with much detail, and what was explained were basic leadership virtues that… Continue reading Leading, Reading, Marking

The Limits of Book Endorsements

“Perhaps no country has abounded so much with religious books as our own: many of them are truly excellent, but a very great number of those which are usually more obvious to be met with (as they stand recommended by great names and the general taste of the public) are more likely to mislead an… Continue reading The Limits of Book Endorsements

Books That Will Last

A friend once asked me a very good question: which books have you recently read that you think will still be read many years from now?  Some Christian books published in the last ten years or so will pretty much be lost in the vast Christian library, while others will continue to be checked out… Continue reading Books That Will Last

How to Read the Puritan Paperbacks

This is a slightly edited repost from June, 2010. If you’ve followed this blog for the past few years, you know that we enjoy the little Banner of Truth series of books called "Puritan Paperbacks."  To be honest, the first time I (Shane) read one of these Paperbacks (I forget which one), I didn't really… Continue reading How to Read the Puritan Paperbacks

A Call for Excellence in Editing and Publishing

 As one who enjoys reading books, I’m sometimes frustrated by certain “bookish” things.  For example, I can’t stand it when a theological or biblical book does not have a Scripture reference in an appendix.  I’m annoyed by endnotes and I appreciate footnotes.  I’ve also quit reading the endorsements publishers use as they try to sell… Continue reading A Call for Excellence in Editing and Publishing