You Should Read Pascal…

I won't venture to guess how many Christians who are readers know about Blaise Pascal (d. 1662). I'm sure some know he wrote Pensees. And I'm sure some have heard about his "wager." But how many Christian readers have read some of Pascal's work? If you haven't, I'd like to throw this challenge out there:… Continue reading You Should Read Pascal…

Diversion, Misery, Humility (Pascal)

I never get sick of reading Blaise Pascal's Pensees. Even though I've read them before, when I come back to them they still challenge me, grip me, and make me think! Today I was re-reading around #160-#190 of the Pensees. Here are a few quotes that I underlined several times. They have to do with… Continue reading Diversion, Misery, Humility (Pascal)

Man Abandoned To Himself (Pascal)

 Blaise Pascal (d. 1662) is one of those Christian authors I can read over and over.  His writing has a depth to it that is both profound and thought-provoking - two things that are not so common in much of today's Christian literature.  Here's a section of Pascal's writing I was reflecting upon this afternoon.… Continue reading Man Abandoned To Himself (Pascal)

The Riddle or Enigma of Man (Bavinck)

 Here's a great excerpt from the first chapter in Bavinck's Our Reasonable Faith (aka The Wonderful Works of God or Magnalia Dei). I really like how Bavinck integrates Augustine and Pascal in his biblical reflections: The conclusion, therefore, is that of Augustine, who said that the heart of man was created for God and that it cannot find… Continue reading The Riddle or Enigma of Man (Bavinck)

A Reason for These Astonishing Contradictions (Pascal)

 I always enjoy reading Blaise Pascal.  Here are two paragraphs from a section of his writings called, "Morality and Doctrine": The greatness and the wretchedness of man are so evident that the true religion must necessarily teach us both that there is in man some great source of greatness, and a great source of wretchedness.… Continue reading A Reason for These Astonishing Contradictions (Pascal)