Doctrine: Superfluous Paraphernalia of the Church?

Here's a great critique of revivalistic pietism by Os Guinness. "The trouble was that after the movement of revialistic pietism swept by [in the 1800s], evangelicalism had also become anti-intellectual and anti-theological to a fault.  Examples of this anti-theological anti-intellectualism abound.  'My theology!' Dwight L.  Moody said later, 'I didn't know I had any.'  'If… Continue reading Doctrine: Superfluous Paraphernalia of the Church?

Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

 I'm surprised how many times I hear people speak negatively about a pastor's seminary education - as if knowledge is deadly to the soul (or ignorance is bliss).  Of course, this sentiment is a common American one that goes way back to the early frontier days of circuit preachers.  Billy Sunday even said, "I don't know… Continue reading Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong