Hezekiah: A Second David with “Messianic Dimensions” (Arnold)

 Hezekiah was one of those kings of Judah that really sticks out in the biblical record.  And he sticks out in a good way.  The author of Kings, the Chronicler, and the prophecies of Isaiah contain quite a bit of information on king Hezekiah. His story, reign, and literary references are not just coincidental or… Continue reading Hezekiah: A Second David with “Messianic Dimensions” (Arnold)

A Useful Hebrew Syntax/Grammar Abridgement

 I learned Hebrew in seminary using Mark Futato's helpful resource called Beginning Biblical Hebrew.  In my view, it was very good and I still go back to it from time to time for a refresher.  I also try to keep up my Hebrew in other ways: primarily by studying the Hebrew Bible text itself but… Continue reading A Useful Hebrew Syntax/Grammar Abridgement

Eisenbrauns Book Sale!

Thanks to our friends at Eisenbrauns for this sale!  Some of these prices (I checked just a few) beat Amazon.  Click the pic or here to see all the books on sale; below I've listed a few that caught my eye. - "Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship"… Continue reading Eisenbrauns Book Sale!