Why The Church Covers Up Abuse

Since we live in a fallen world where righteousness does not flourish, there is such a thing as abuse in Christian churches.  People are sinful and church leaders cannot see into peoples’ hearts or houses.  And tragically, sometimes church leaders ignore signs of abuse or even worse, cover it up.  The question then arises: why… Continue reading Why The Church Covers Up Abuse

Guilt, Self-punishment, and the Cross

Here's a great section from a great book: Domesticated Jesus by Harry Kraus.  This section is about how Christians wrestle with guilt.  We domesticate Jesus when we think our self-pity for sin makes God accept us more."To continue to punish ourselves for sins for which Jesus died is an insult in the face of a… Continue reading Guilt, Self-punishment, and the Cross

Perfecting Ourselves To Death

Awhile back someone recommended Richard Winter's book on depression called The Roots of Sorrow.  I thought it was such an excellent book that I ended up getting a few more by Winter, including Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment and Perfecting Ourselves to Death.  Though these are all good reads, right now I want to… Continue reading Perfecting Ourselves To Death

Hearing the Gospel (Over and Over!)

 Here's a book that church leaders need to get - pastors, elders, deacons, and other Christians who help God's people in different ways: Counsel from the Cross by Dennis Johnson and Elyse Fitzpatrick.  In a word, this book is a lesson on the gospel and how it applies to Christians on the pilgrim way - fighting sin and… Continue reading Hearing the Gospel (Over and Over!)

Biblical Application

   I recently read through CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet by Mike Emlet.  I'm always interested in books that talk about biblical application.  This one is solid: Emlet has a good grasp of redemptive history and biblical counseling.  He spends quite a few pages discussing how the Bible is the account of a grand… Continue reading Biblical Application