Check Out the NET Bible

A friend and I were recently talking about Bible translations. Both of us mentioned our appreciation of the NET Bible. It's not as well-known as other modern translations, but it is for sure a worthwhile translation. Here's a post I wrote about the NET Bible in February 2018:  As I've mentioned here before, while I… Continue reading Check Out the NET Bible

The New Living Translation

  (This is a slightly edited repost from June 2010) Along with quite a few other translations of the Bible, I've been using the New Living Translation for over ten years now.  Though it is not necessarily my favorite translation, and though I've seen some weaknesses in the translation, there are certain aspects of it I appreciate.  For example, I like… Continue reading The New Living Translation

Bibles to China

I love stories like these; they are incredibly edifying. "As we saw in the previous chapter, in the 1970's Brother David had managed to get 25,000 New Testaments into China in driblets, inside travelers' suitcases.  He also managed to have a further 30,000 Bibles taken in by business people attending the twice-yearly Guangzhou Trade Fair. … Continue reading Bibles to China