The Usefulness of Bible Background Resources

Some of my favorite Bible study resources are the ones that cover the historical background of the Bible. It's very helpful to learn about the historical context of the stories in Scripture. Whether studying the concept of how a king was crowned in the ANE or how marriages were conducted in 1st century Greco-Roman cultures,… Continue reading The Usefulness of Bible Background Resources

My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

Today Logos Bible Software released the newest version: Logos 9. I've been using Logos for around eight years and I'm very impressed with this software in almost every way. Most of the time I've been pleased with the updates and new features that are added. The same goes for Logos 9. This truly is a… Continue reading My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)

 Don't let anyone convince you that those older Reformed theologians were dry, dispassionate teachers who were only concerned about bare doctrine and orthodoxy.  Read what Herman Witsius (d. 1708) had to say about the blessings of Bible study. I take it he's speaking from experience! The Word of God... when studied attentively, has also an… Continue reading The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)

Logos’ New Bible App (6.0.3)

  For the past week or so I've really enjoyed using Logos Bible Software's updated app (version 6.0.3). If I remember correctly, this is one of the biggest and most extensive updates to their app.  And let me say it is quite significant!  I did use the Logos app in the past on my iPad… Continue reading Logos’ New Bible App (6.0.3)

Logos 7: A Review

I've been using Logos Bible software for Bible study and sermon preparation since June 2014.  Though I wouldn't say it has changed my life, I would say that it has seriously improved my studies.  I realize Bible study software can become a crutch that hinders thinking, since it is tempting to let the software do… Continue reading Logos 7: A Review