A Money Saving Way to Grow a Logos 8 Library

 I realize that not all of our readers are interested in Bible software.  Certainly you can study Scripture very well without computer software!  In fact, sometimes Bible study is better without screens because usually distractions come with screens.  However, for some Christians, Bible software is a good tool that helps with in-depth Bible study and… Continue reading A Money Saving Way to Grow a Logos 8 Library

A Review of Logos Now (Logos 6.6)

  Logos Bible Software is always expanding, updating, and improving their product(s).  As with all technology, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the changes and improvements!  I’ve been using Logos since June 2014 and I’m still learning how to utilize its many benefits; I still often find things in Logos 6 that I didn’t… Continue reading A Review of Logos Now (Logos 6.6)

Logos (5.2a) Reformed Platinum Package: A Review

I have to be honest; three months ago I didn’t know anything about Logos Bible software. I had been using the basic BibleWorks 6 package since 2004 solely for the purpose of helping me translate texts for preaching and teaching. So when the Logos Reformed team contacted me to do a review, I was happy… Continue reading Logos (5.2a) Reformed Platinum Package: A Review