Saved by Love

 Machen's What is Faith is one of the top 10 books I've read this year - I regret that I didn't read it 10 years ago!  Here's a great quote from page 197. "In one sense, indeed, we were saved by love; that indeed is an even profounder fact than that we were saved by… Continue reading Saved by Love

Do Not Love the World… (Bernard)

Around the year 1129 AD St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote a letter to Alexander, a bishop who was known for his greed and injustice.  Among other things, Bernard addressed Alexander's greed.  This is worth thinking about today.   He said, "[I exhort you] lovingly not to take the glory of the world seriously as something… Continue reading Do Not Love the World… (Bernard)

Bernard on a Loving Community

"If you take the advice of Wisdom and turn away from your pleasure and make yourself content with food and clothing as the Apostle teaches, soon you will find that your love is not impeded by carnal desires that fight against the soul.  I think you will not find it a burden to share with… Continue reading Bernard on a Loving Community

Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God

After reading Bernard of Clairvaux's (d. 1153) Selected Works edited by Emilie Griffin, I can see why Luther, Calvin, the Puritans, and many others have appreciated him.  Here's an excerpt from a short treatise he wrote on [the] love of/for God called On Loving God. "God is not loved without reward, even though he should… Continue reading Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God