Loved So Much! (Bernard of Clairvaux)

Bernard of Clairvaux (d. 1153) was cited and quoted by Calvin and Luther more than a few times. There's a reason for that! Here's one example found in his treatise, "On Loving God." The quote comes right after Bernard uses various Scriptures to explain the love of God shown in the gospel. What is the… Continue reading Loved So Much! (Bernard of Clairvaux)

All Other Ground is Sinking Sand (Luther/Bernard)

 Martin Luther, in his Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, noted how some people build their house upon the sand by resting on their own works or merits for acceptance with God.  Luther then gave a helpful insight from the life and faith of Bernard of Clairvaux: St. Bernard himself had also to feel… Continue reading All Other Ground is Sinking Sand (Luther/Bernard)

On Seeking (Bernard)

 Bernard of Clairvaux's commentary/sermons on the Song of Solomon is allegorical, but it is for sure worth reading.  One reason this commentary is worth reading is because in it Bernard very helpfully describes the biblical "seeking" theme.  Here's one example from Sermon 84, part 5: “I have sought,” she says, “him whom my soul loves”… Continue reading On Seeking (Bernard)

Pride and Loving to Hear the Self Talk (Bernard)

 In his treatise on the steps of humility and pride, Bernard does a good job of explaining how pride and the love of hearing the self talk go hand in hand.   What was true in the 12th century is true today.  Do you know anyone who likes to hear himself or herself talk too… Continue reading Pride and Loving to Hear the Self Talk (Bernard)

Bernard on Loving God

Here’s a nice selection from Bernard of Clairvaux (d. 1153) that has to do with the Christian’s love for God. “God…brings about your love for him, just as he causes other goods.  This is how he does it: he who made nature also protects it.  For it was so created that it needs its Creator… Continue reading Bernard on Loving God