Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

[This is a slightly edited repost from August, 2009.  Note: I’m not 100% sure the opening paragraph is still accurate, since I no longer read blogs.  But I believe the point still stands.] The Christian blogosphere and web community is filled with trends and fads – blogs have the clout and power to set Christian… Continue reading Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

Drunks and Pigs

Unfortunately some Calvinists think it’s cool to cuss and drink beer.  To be sure, cussing is not Calvinistic at all.  A person who really understands Calvinism will seek to keep his tongue from evil (1 Pet. 3:10).  And though drinking alcohol is not a sin, 1) it isn’t something to brag about because it has… Continue reading Drunks and Pigs

Christian Liberty, Blogs, and Beer

The blogosphere is filled with trends and fads - blogs have the "power" to set trends, even in Christian communities.  Though this may rub a few of our readers the wrong way, one trend or fad I can't help but notice is to include all things smoke and drink into the blog, possibly under the… Continue reading Christian Liberty, Blogs, and Beer