True Church, False Church

 Herman Bavinck's discussion of ecclesiology is, in my opinion, one of the best Reformed treatments of this doctrine available in English.  Since I am presbyterian in my ecclesiology, I appreciate Bavinck's robust and biblical view of the church: its spiritual essence, spiritual government, spiritual power, and so forth.  I also like how he appealed to the post-reformation context… Continue reading True Church, False Church

The Unspeakable Consolation of Providence

One of the great things about the Christian faith is the deep comfort it brings to the weary heart - specifically I'm thinking of providence.  Here are a few comforting quotes on providence from some Reformation confessions and teachers.  “This doctrine affords us unspeakable consolation, since we are taught thereby that nothing can befall us… Continue reading The Unspeakable Consolation of Providence

Humility Before the Word

"Over against all human beings, Scripture occupies a position so high that, instead of subjecting itself to their criticism, it judges them in all their thoughts and desires.  And this has been the Christian church's position toward Scripture at all times.  According to Chrysostom, humility is the foundation of philosophy.  Augustine said: 'When a certain… Continue reading Humility Before the Word

The Extreme (Barthian) Home Makeover

Still (as with a few days ago) reading Barth's commentary on Philippians (specifically 3.7-9), I've had my furniture tossed around.  I don't wholeheartedly yet accept this whole bit, but it is amazing.  And it makes those who say "justifying faith is obedient faith" look like school children fussing around on the playground.  "The best way… Continue reading The Extreme (Barthian) Home Makeover

The American Religious Purpose of Life

I just read a piece somewhere that said most Americans believe in God (better to say "believe in [a] god," I think).  The piece also said many of these same Americans believe in reincarnation, UFOs, witches, and mystical encounters with some divine spirit.  In other words (as Wells and Horton have said before), Americans approach religion… Continue reading The American Religious Purpose of Life