Baptism: Immersion Only? (Hodge)

 One question that Christians sometimes ask is this: What is the proper mode of baptism?  In other words, when we baptize someone, should it be by immersion, pouring, or sprinkling?  Reformed Christians will answer: Yes!  The main question about the mode of baptism is not how much water, but only the fact that water is… Continue reading Baptism: Immersion Only? (Hodge)

How To Baptize: The Mode

Biblically speaking, what is the proper mode of baptism? In other words, is the only option immersion, or are pouring and sprinkling also OK? In Reformed churches, all three are acceptable (dipping, pouring, and sprinkling; see WCF 28.3). Here's how J. G. Vos explains it: "The mode of baptism is a matter of indifference. That… Continue reading How To Baptize: The Mode