God Never Seeks in Vain (Toplady)

In Luke 15 Jesus gave a parable about a shepherd that lost one of his one hundred sheep. He asked, "Which one of you, if he has a hundred sheep and loses one of them, would not leave the ninety-nine in the open pasture and go look for the one that is lost until he… Continue reading God Never Seeks in Vain (Toplady)

Predestination: The Axe that Cuts Down Pride (Toplady)

 As a follower of Jesus, I am very much aware than any truly good deed that I do is a result of God's grace and the Holy Spirit at work in me.  I can't take credit for any good thing I've done; the credit goes to God.  Here's a great commentary by Augustus Toplady on… Continue reading Predestination: The Axe that Cuts Down Pride (Toplady)

A Poem for the Ill (Toplady)

 Here are a few verses from a poem Augustus Toplady wrote for those suffering with sickness: Jesus, since I with thee am one; Confirm my soul in thee, And still continue to tread down The man of sin in me. Let not the subtle foe prevail In this my feeble hour Frustrate all the hopes… Continue reading A Poem for the Ill (Toplady)

Your Judge is also Your Advocate and Savior (Toplady)

 One of the most difficult struggles in the Christian life is the constant struggle with sin and guilt.  We aren't perfect; we still have remnants of the old man in us.  This world is no friend of grace, and Satan won't leave us alone.  But Jesus is our Savior.  He died, rose again, and is… Continue reading Your Judge is also Your Advocate and Savior (Toplady)

The Hiding Place of His Righteousness (Toplady)

 Here's a wonderful section of a letter Augustus Toplady wrote in 1767 to a friend who was very ill: I hope, sir, you are enabled to trust your soul to Christ, and to cast your care on God. Satan, no doubt, will be ever ready to bring in the indictment, and conscience cannot help pleading… Continue reading The Hiding Place of His Righteousness (Toplady)