The Pilgrim Church in the World (Augustine)

In book 19 chapter 17 of The City of God, Augustine talked about heavenly peace, true religion, harmony between the church and the world, and also discord between the two. It's a great section to read and study; it's not too difficult to understand. I'll put the whole chapter below. This is worth reading twice… Continue reading The Pilgrim Church in the World (Augustine)

Augustine on Faith, Seeking, and Reason (Peters)

I've always enjoyed reading Augustine. I also enjoy hearing others explain Augustine's views and thoughts. One such example is James Peters, The Logic of the Heart: Augustine, Pascal, and the Rationality of Faith. I was skimming over the first section again today and saw this quote I had highlighted. I hope you enjoy it as… Continue reading Augustine on Faith, Seeking, and Reason (Peters)

Beauty, Temperance, and Virtue (Augustine/Aquinas)

In my studies for a sermon series on self-control (temperance) I've been reading what Augustine (d. 430) and Aquinas (d. 1274) had to say about it. I learned that Aquinas has an entire section in his Summa Theologica on temperance. It's a fascinating read, that's for sure! I'm still working through it, but here's a… Continue reading Beauty, Temperance, and Virtue (Augustine/Aquinas)

A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

Humans differ from animals in various ways. For example, humans are made in the image of God and we have "souls that will last forever" as the kids' catechism rightly says. For another example, humans have deep longings of the heart. Here's how James Smith explains Augustine's view of humans and our longings: Augustine opens… Continue reading A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

The Church and the Rise or Fall of a Civilization (Lovelace)

The following observations by Richard Lovelace were made in the late 1970s in his book, The Dynamics of Spiritual Life. Although these words were written over 40 years ago they could have been written very recently! Here's Lovelace: ...America and the rest of Western culture now seem to be more on the edge of dissolution… Continue reading The Church and the Rise or Fall of a Civilization (Lovelace)