A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

Humans differ from animals in various ways. For example, humans are made in the image of God and we have "souls that will last forever" as the kids' catechism rightly says. For another example, humans have deep longings of the heart. Here's how James Smith explains Augustine's view of humans and our longings: Augustine opens… Continue reading A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

The Church and the Rise or Fall of a Civilization (Lovelace)

The following observations by Richard Lovelace were made in the late 1970s in his book, The Dynamics of Spiritual Life. Although these words were written over 40 years ago they could have been written very recently! Here's Lovelace: ...America and the rest of Western culture now seem to be more on the edge of dissolution… Continue reading The Church and the Rise or Fall of a Civilization (Lovelace)

Loving God, Neighbor, and Self (Augustine)

In several chapters of Book 1 in On Christian Doctrine, Augustine discusses love: love of God, love of neighbor, love of self. I thought Augustine had some helpful reflections on these loves. Here are some selections from these chapters: Seeing, then, that there is no need of a command that every man should love himself… Continue reading Loving God, Neighbor, and Self (Augustine)

Mothers, God’s Voice, and Augustine

Moms have a tough job - and that's an understatement! When I think about the headaches I put my mom through, I still feel badly about it to say the least. Thankfully by God's grace both my mom and I are followers of Jesus and have been as long as I can remember. Speaking of… Continue reading Mothers, God’s Voice, and Augustine

Trusting God’s Justice When We Can’t Trace It (Augustine)

 In book 20, chapter 2 of City of God, Augustine discusses the difficult reality that sometimes the wicked prosper (Ps. 73:3) while the righteous suffer (cf. Job).  Here are Augustine's comments on this reality and how it corresponds to God's justice, which we as his people should trust. ...For not only are the good sometimes unfortunate… Continue reading Trusting God’s Justice When We Can’t Trace It (Augustine)