Questions about Prayer: Augustine’s Answers

This is an interesting and helpful read: St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions on Prayer by Cliff Ermatinger. I recently read Augustine's Confessions again and took special note of his prayers. Then I read Augustine's letter to Proba (Letter CXX in NPNF 1.1). To make a longer story short, I've been thinking a lot about Augustine's… Continue reading Questions about Prayer: Augustine’s Answers

Shameful Acts Contrary to Nature (Augustine)

A few chapters into his Confessions, Augustine wrestled with ethics, truth, justice, law, and so on. In this section Augustine wrote that God is supreme over all and must be "unhesitatingly obeyed" because he's the "governor of all his creation" (p. 46). Right before these statements he wrote this on sexual sin: Can it be… Continue reading Shameful Acts Contrary to Nature (Augustine)

The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

The story of Jesus walking on the water is one of those stories about Jesus that stick with us (see Mt. 14:22-33). It sticks with us for various reasons - one being that Peter got out there and walked on the water as well until fear got the best of him. Speaking of Peter, don’t… Continue reading The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

On Tithing/Almsgiving (Augustine)

In one of his sermons on the rich young ruler (Mt. 19:16-24), Augustine had some helpful things to say about wealth and riches. He also brought up Paul’s teaching in 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Here’s part of one of his sermons on the rich young ruler. Note how he answers the question about how much should… Continue reading On Tithing/Almsgiving (Augustine)

When I Love My God… (Augustine)

Here's a great section of Augustine's Confessions that I hope will be a good devotional thought for our readers today. I love Thee, O Lord, not with doubtful but with assured awareness. Thou hast pierced my heart with Thy Word and I have loved Thee. The heaven and earth, also, and all things which are… Continue reading When I Love My God… (Augustine)