Christ in the OT: An Ancient Hermeneutic

Finding Christ in the Old Testament is an ancient hermeneutic. Modern evangelicals did not discover the fact that Christ is on every page of the OT Scriptures. This interpretive method has been around since the days of the early church when the apostles were still alive preaching and writing. The church fathers also interpreted the… Continue reading Christ in the OT: An Ancient Hermeneutic

Thinking and Believing, Believing and Thinking

In 428 or 429 AD, Augustine wrote a tract called "On the Predestination of the Saints." In this tract, Augustine refutes the Pelagians on the points of knowledge, faith, the will, God's gifts/grace, etc. It's a classic Christian treatise that is still extremely applicable and helpful for followers of Jesus today. Remember, the Protestant Reformers… Continue reading Thinking and Believing, Believing and Thinking

Monday Meditation: He Who Is Greater (Augustine)

This morning while reading through Augustine's exposition of Psalm 40 I ran across a brief section that makes for a great Monday Meditation. It's from Psalm 40:4 (blessed is the man who has the name of the Lord as his hope [LXX; my translation). I've edited the format. Here it is: Let our God be… Continue reading Monday Meditation: He Who Is Greater (Augustine)

God’s Mercy, God’s Judgment (Augustine)

This morning I found a wonderful exposition about God's mercy and judgment based on Psalm 33:5. In these comments, the North African theologian Augustine (d. 430) was reflecting on the truth that God is just and merciful at the same time. (Note: Augustine was using the Septuagint/Vulgate so the wording and chapter/verse numbers are different… Continue reading God’s Mercy, God’s Judgment (Augustine)

Questions about Prayer: Augustine’s Answers

This is an interesting and helpful read: St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions on Prayer by Cliff Ermatinger. I recently read Augustine's Confessions again and took special note of his prayers. Then I read Augustine's letter to Proba (Letter CXX in NPNF 1.1). To make a longer story short, I've been thinking a lot about Augustine's… Continue reading Questions about Prayer: Augustine’s Answers