The Lutheran Confessions: Concordia

  (This is a re-blog from November 2009) Concordia is an outstanding Reformation resource.  It is handsome, sturdy, well-formatted, and easy to use.  The subtitle is correct: it is A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord.  Editorial props go to Paul McCain, Edward Englebrecht, Robert Baker, and Gene Veith as well as Concordia Publishing House for a… Continue reading The Lutheran Confessions: Concordia

My Conscience is Captive to the Word of God (Luther)

(This is a repost from September, 2011.) Heiko Oberman's Luther: Man Between God and the Devil is one of those books that I'll never forget reading.  I first read it around 10 years ago; I could not set this book down.  In fact, it led me to enjoy and appreciate church history in general, and Reformation history more specifically. … Continue reading My Conscience is Captive to the Word of God (Luther)

Church. State.

Here are a few great lines from article 28 of the 1530 Augsburg Confession. "...the Church's authority and the State's authority must not be confused.  The Church's authority has its own commission to teach the Gospel and to administer the Sacraments [Matthew 28:19-20].  Let it not break into the office of another.  Let it not transfer the… Continue reading Church. State.

Traditions, Conscience, and Law

One huge strand of Reformation theology that is woven into many other parts of it is our rejection of human traditions to bind the conscience apart from the written Word (i.e. Belgic Confession 32).  Today, Rome still has "evangelical counsels" which basically amount to church laws in addition to the laws in the Bible.  For… Continue reading Traditions, Conscience, and Law

The Beauties of Concordia (The Lutheran Confessions)

 Earlier, I mentioned this reader's edition of the Book of Concord earlier: Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions.  As I said, it's a great read, a great resource to have.  Sometime in the (near?) future, I'll show some areas of similarity and difference between the Reformed/Presbyterian confessions and the Lutheran ones.  Though there are significant differences, there are also many… Continue reading The Beauties of Concordia (The Lutheran Confessions)