The Attributes of God and Application (Van Mastricht)

 Learning about the attributes of God from Scripture is not purely an academic enterprise.  As we learn about God's characteristics, his people are also comforted, ecouraged, and refreshed.  What Scripture teaches us about God is practical for day-to-day Christian living.  In other words, the attributes of God and application go hand in hand.  Here's how… Continue reading The Attributes of God and Application (Van Mastricht)

The Art of Faith; or A Holy Defiance (Sibbes)

 Psalm 27:1 says this: "The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread?" (NASB).  Richard Sibbes preached an outstanding sermon on this text around 1630.  Sibbes noted that in the first part of this Psalm, David explained his comfort, his… Continue reading The Art of Faith; or A Holy Defiance (Sibbes)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

  The faithfulness of our triune God is one of the most comforting, faith-strengthening, and amazing teachings of Scripture.  It ties in with the promises of God in the covenant of grace, Christ's work on the cross, the preservation of the saints, and many more biblical truths.  Edward Leigh (17th C.) and Louis Berkhof (20th… Continue reading Great Is Thy Faithfulness

St. Cyril on Who – not What – God is

Reading Cyril of Alexandria's (5th century church father) commentary on John's gospel is a treat.  Here is a portion of Cyril commenting on the latter part of John 8, where Jesus says "Before Abraham was, I AM."  Notice how Cyril directs us not to what God is (his being), but who he is (his attributes as Scripture… Continue reading St. Cyril on Who – not What – God is