Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

At one point in his book, The Incomparableness of God, George Swinnock reflected on how God's word is incomparable. He said that the depths and profundities of Scripture could not possibly have been imagined or made up by people or angels. Swinnock then asked a series of rhetorical questions to emphasize his point. ...Who could… Continue reading Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

Jesus as Just an Example? (Keller)

It is a biblical concept for Christians to imitate Christ (1 Cor. 11:1; 1 Thes. 1:6, etc.). Of course we can't imitate Jesus perfectly, but one aspect of living the Christian life is seeking to being like Christ. When we - with the help of the Spirit - imitate Christ, it brings glory to God… Continue reading Jesus as Just an Example? (Keller)

The Death of Christ for Us (Turretin)

 Francis Turretin (d. 1687) did a very good job of summarizing Scripture's account of Christ's atonement as satisfying the justice of God.  In his section called "The Necessity of the Satisfaction," he wrote the following (I've edited it slightly): Sin, which renders us guilty, binds us over to punishment as hated of God. It [sin]… Continue reading The Death of Christ for Us (Turretin)

He Does Really and Actually Save!

What does Reformed theology teach about the extent of Christ's atonement?  Francis Turretin (d. 1687) explained definite atonement well: "The common opinion of the Reformed is that Christ - from the mere good pleasure of the Father - was appointed and given as a Redeemer and head, not to all men, but to a certain… Continue reading He Does Really and Actually Save!

God the Peacemaker: A Review

The apostle Paul said that God, through Christ, was pleased "to reconcile to himself all things... by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross" (Col. 1:20 NIV).  God is the great peacemaker who brings peace through Jesus' death on the cross.  What exactly does this mean?  Graham Cole explores this theme in his… Continue reading God the Peacemaker: A Review