A Must Read Resource for Studying the Psalms

Students of Scripture who neglect the writings of the early church theologians (the patristics) miss out on some incredibly helpful, profound, and edifying biblical insights. I do think one weakness of some modern commentaries, Bible studies, and Christian books is the failure to engage with the theologians of the early church. Speaking of theologians of… Continue reading A Must Read Resource for Studying the Psalms

The Psalter Knows Christ (Athanasius)

Some of our readers may remember how Luther and Calvin loved the Psalms and spoke of them often.  Luther said that the Psalms were a mini Bible.  Calvin said that all the emotions of the soul are found in the Psalter.  In saying these things, neither Luther nor Calvin were being novel or cutting edge. … Continue reading The Psalter Knows Christ (Athanasius)

Death as a Dead Thing (Athanasius)

In one section of On the Incarnation by Athanasius (b. 297) he talks about the victory we have in Christ over death.  This is a nice meditation that reminds us of the truth that death cannot separate us from Christ. For of the destruction of death, and of the cross having become the victory over… Continue reading Death as a Dead Thing (Athanasius)

Doctrinal Hair-Splitting and the Early Church (Young)

I've mentioned this helpful patristics resource here before: From Nicaea to Chalcedon by Frances Young. It's a great study on some of the church fathers and their teaching (e.g. Athanasius, Basil, Cyril, and so forth). One early church leader Young discusses is Gregory Nazianzen, who is called "Gregory the Theologian."  Gregory was a defender of… Continue reading Doctrinal Hair-Splitting and the Early Church (Young)

Athanasius and Calvin on the Holy Supper

  Here’s a helpful section from an interesting book: Worshiping With The Church Fathers by Christopher Hall. “Athanasius’s understanding of the Eucharist is remarkably similar to that of John Calvin, the sixteenth-century reformer.  Calvin believed Christ was spiritually present in the bread and wine of the Eucharist after the invocation (epiklesis) of the Holy Spirit,… Continue reading Athanasius and Calvin on the Holy Supper