Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

 I'm one of those people who absolutely love music. It goes back to my childhood when I was messing around with radios and speakers trying to get my dad's old Beach Boys 8-tracks to play (loudly!).  Although today I can play a handful of instruments (badly!), I always tell my kids I'd trade my Jeep… Continue reading Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

Eyes Wide Open: A Review

I recently picked up Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything by Steve DeWitt.  It sounded interesting and since it seemed like a topic I hadn’t read much on, I thought I should read it. Before I give my thoughts, I do have to note that the subtitle, “Enjoying God in Everything” is a bit… Continue reading Eyes Wide Open: A Review

For Your Christian Imagination

I enjoy C.S. Lewis, but have read only about 40% of the stuff he's written.  I do remember him and others like him emphasizing the importance of reading and the imagination in the Christian life.  Actually, I either read somewhere or heard someone say that all preachers should either read the Narnia series or the… Continue reading For Your Christian Imagination

Rome on Images and Liturgy

I always enjoy getting Interpretation, the Bible/Theology journal published by Union Theological Seminary.  Though I usually don't agree with everything I read, it is stimulating and enjoyable.  This month (the October 2007 issue -- not the picture above), I anxiously scanned the cover only to be let down.  The theme for the month is art and exegesis.  So here I… Continue reading Rome on Images and Liturgy