Preaching and Application (Owen)

Solid Christian [biblical!] preaching always has application.  Seminary lectures and perhaps Sunday School lessons might not always have application, but a good sermon must.  John Owen makes this point in his commentary on Hebrews as he notes that and how chapter 12 is tightly connected to chapter 11.  (Note: the word “use” below is a… Continue reading Preaching and Application (Owen)

The Immutability of God: Application (Van Mastricht)

 Scripture quite clearly teaches that God is immutable.  This means he does not change, have mood swings, or go back on something he said.  God is the constant one.  James 1:17 says there is no change or shadow of turning with God.  Malachi 3:6 says, "I am the LORD, and I do not change" (NLT).… Continue reading The Immutability of God: Application (Van Mastricht)

The Attributes of God and Application (Van Mastricht)

 Learning about the attributes of God from Scripture is not purely an academic enterprise.  As we learn about God's characteristics, his people are also comforted, ecouraged, and refreshed.  What Scripture teaches us about God is practical for day-to-day Christian living.  In other words, the attributes of God and application go hand in hand.  Here's how… Continue reading The Attributes of God and Application (Van Mastricht)

Doctrine and Practice Walk Together (Van Mastricht)

 I recently got a copy of Petrus Van Mastricht's newly translated Theoretical-Practical Theology: Prolegomena (vol. 1). I agree with Michael Horton: this is a remarkable gem!  Van Mastricht was a Dutch Reformed theologian who was quite influential in his day and beyond.  Not only is his work solidly theological and biblical, it is also very practical, as you… Continue reading Doctrine and Practice Walk Together (Van Mastricht)

The Faith and Work Bible (NIV)

For review purposes I recently received the "NIV Faith and Work Bible"(edited by David Kim and published by Zondervan).  It isn't exactly a study Bible; instead, it's a Bible that has doctrine and application articles scattered throughout. More specifically, the theme of these articles have to do with core Christian doctrines and what it means… Continue reading The Faith and Work Bible (NIV)