The Commission of the Twelve Apostles

This morning I was studying the term and concept of "apostle" in the NT. Of course, this is a huge discussion that overlaps with the term and concept of "disciple." One article I found helpful is Eckhard Schnabel's entry in Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. Schnabel listed eight elements of Jesus' commission to the… Continue reading The Commission of the Twelve Apostles

Apostles: Then and Now?

 Are there apostles today?  Can someone make a valid case that he is an apostle of Christ?  Speaking of the apostles, what is an apostolic church?  I appreciate Gerald Bray's explanation of these questions in chapter two of his book The Church: A Theological and Historical Account. Bray first notes that to be an apostle according to the NT, one… Continue reading Apostles: Then and Now?

Resources on Acts

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was preaching/teaching through the book of Acts.  Here is a list of resources that I've found helpful.  You might notice I don't have any online resources to suggest; you'll have to do that work on your own.  I have to admit I do very little online research since… Continue reading Resources on Acts

The Office of Deacon

 The Greek word for deacon (diakonos) means "serve" or "servant."  This same word is used several times in the Gospels to describe Jesus' mission: he came not to be served ("deaconed") but to serve ("deacon") and give his life as a ransom for many (Matt 20.28, Mark 10.45, etc.).  I love how Polycarp (d. ca. 160… Continue reading The Office of Deacon