Genocide and the OT Conquest of Canaan (Kruger)

Some critics and skeptics point to Israel's conquest of Canaan in the OT as proof God is not good, but vindictive, hateful, and murderous. However, if you look at the Israelite conquest of Canaan in the OT from a biblical perspective, this event is part of the just judgment of God. Michal Kruger argues this… Continue reading Genocide and the OT Conquest of Canaan (Kruger)

Early Non-Christian Literary References to Jesus (Evans)

If you heard that there were some references to Jesus in 1st Century non-Christian literature, you might not be overly surprised. Important ancient historical figures are often mentioned in various ancient writings. For one example, archaeologists found a speech written by Pliny the Younger (d. 112 AD) that mentions emperor Domitian (see Dictionary of NT… Continue reading Early Non-Christian Literary References to Jesus (Evans)

Following Christ through Your University Years (Kruger)

Michael Kruger's new book, Surviving Religion 101, is a book written for Christians going through college. It is no secret that many campuses today in the United States and elsewhere are rather hostile to the claims of Christianity. In fact, it's not uncommon for Christian students to be singled out and ridiculed for their faith… Continue reading Following Christ through Your University Years (Kruger)

Charles Darwin’s “Horrid Doubt” (Sickler)

One very strong argument against naturalistic evolution goes like this: if we evolved from a tiny inorganic molecule, how can we trust our own minds? How can non-cognitive, non-rational matter evolve into cognitive, rational matter? And if that is the case, why should I trust my own thoughts and reasoning? Bradley Sickler discussed this dilemma… Continue reading Charles Darwin’s “Horrid Doubt” (Sickler)

The ‘God-of-the-Gaps’ Caricature (Sickler)

Some opponents of Christianity accuse Christians of holding a "God-of-the-gaps" view of unexplainable natural phenomena. They attack this view as completely unscientific and they say it is yet another example of how Christians are stupid myth-believing people. But it's not quite that simple! I like how Bradley Sickler discusses this in chapter two of God… Continue reading The ‘God-of-the-Gaps’ Caricature (Sickler)