Symbolic Language in Apocalyptic Texts – OT/NT (Dodd)

Although I don't agree with every angle and aspect of this book, I am enjoying it: According to the Scriptures by C. H. Dodd (published in 1952). In this book Dodd argues that the NT authors used the OT to prove the truths about Jesus and his kingdom. There's more to the discussion, to be… Continue reading Symbolic Language in Apocalyptic Texts – OT/NT (Dodd)

Interpreting Revelation (Johnson)

Revelation is a great part of Scripture that in no uncertain terms tell us the reality of Christ's ultimate victory, but it's not always easy to interpret and understand the last book of the Bible. Some parts aren't too tough; others are seriously difficult. One resource that has helped me study Revelation is Dennis Johnson's… Continue reading Interpreting Revelation (Johnson)

A Readable Commentary on Revelation

If you’re looking for a clear, concise, readable, and solid commentary on Revelation, I recommend Vern Poythress’ The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2000).  Though this commentary doesn’t comment on all the details in Revelation, it does a fine job of providing a big picture overview of the book.… Continue reading A Readable Commentary on Revelation

New Event, New Words, New Genre

I'm reading a powerful book called Night by Elie Wiesel.  No doubt many of you have read this and/or some other award winning book or play by Wiesel.  Though the content is well worth commenting on, I was very intrigued at Wiesel's search for words to describe the hellish darkness he faced and saw in… Continue reading New Event, New Words, New Genre

Apocalyptic Symbols of Scripture

While studying the apocalyptic portions of Scripture, here is a good one liner worth pondering: "The symbols are not interested in mediating information so much as they are intended to alter perception." Note: in the context of this quote, Jacobsen is discussing how Scripture doesn't simply pass along informative facts or propositions; Scripture does things to… Continue reading Apocalyptic Symbols of Scripture