Apathy And What To Do About It (Anizor)

Here's a Christian book that actually covers a topic that hasn't been covered much: Overcoming Apathy by Uche Anizor. There are plenty of Christian books on prayer, parenting, evangelism, community, and so on, but I haven't read any Christian books on apathy until this one by Anizor. And I'm happy to say that it is… Continue reading Apathy And What To Do About It (Anizor)

Trueman On Apathy (If You Care)

This book brings me back around: Carl Trueman's Minority Report. I'm really enjoying it - and that's a big understatement.  Here's a great summary of his chapter (2.1) on apathy.  He gives and explains four reasons why so many people today are apathetic. "First, there is materialistic comfort."  Trueman says that people who have tons of stuff… Continue reading Trueman On Apathy (If You Care)