Cynicism, Legalism, and Then Antinomianism (Byers)

Christians are not immune to cynicism. There are plenty of Christians who are plenty cynical - myself included. And so this book ended up on my shelves way back in 2011: Faith without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint by Andrew Byers. In fact, this book is still on my shelves because I still need… Continue reading Cynicism, Legalism, and Then Antinomianism (Byers)

Becoming a Christian Cheaply (Kierkegaard)

I don't always agree with the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (d. 1855), but he always gets me thinking. For example, I recently read his essay For Self Examination, which has a section on Martin Luther, faith, and works. Although he doesn't use the terms, Kierkegaard was talking about legalism and antinomianism. Here's part of that… Continue reading Becoming a Christian Cheaply (Kierkegaard)

Doctrinism and Antinomianism (Newton)

 Here's a section from one of John Newton's sermons on those who are orthodox in doctrine but destitute of good works.  Or, in other words, their doctrine is right, but they have no deeds that show their faith to be true.  Maybe we could call this "doctrinism," when a person is only concerned about doctrine… Continue reading Doctrinism and Antinomianism (Newton)

Misunderstanding the Law: Antinomianism and Legalism

In, The Christian Faith, Mike Horton has some helpful notes that help steer Christians clear of both antinomianism and legalism.  Here are a few parts of a longer section: In many respects, antinomianism and legalism share the same misunderstandings of the law.  Like human laws, God’s laws are not abstract principles for living but are… Continue reading Misunderstanding the Law: Antinomianism and Legalism

Since It Is God’s Law…

Our triune God has given us his law in Scripture.  Specifically, the Ten Commandments are at the heart of God’s law – summarized with the verb “love” (cf. Mt. 22:33-40).  Thomas Watson, thinking about God’s law and the preface to it (I am the LORD your God… [Ex. 20:1-2]), says because it is God’s law,… Continue reading Since It Is God’s Law…