Free Justification and Holiness (Buchanan)

James Buchanan (a 19th century Scottish theologian) wrote a helpful book on justification through faith alone by grace alone: The Doctrine of Justification. In it, he well explained the truth that those whom God justifies he will also sanctify.  I’ve edited the formatting of the quote to make it easier to read: The charge against… Continue reading Free Justification and Holiness (Buchanan)

The Law/Gospel Distinction in Old Holland

One thing I’ve mentioned quite a bit here over the last five years is how the law/gospel distinction is part of the veins and sinews of historic Reformed theology.  More narrowly, the law/gospel distinction is also part of the Dutch Reformed theological tradition.  Here’s a great later example of this by Herman Bavinck, found on… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction in Old Holland

Justification Vindicated

 I recently finished Robert Traill's (d. 1716) excellent treatise called Justification Vindicated (Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 2002).  This was originally published in 1692 as a response to Arminian legalist errors (i.e. Richard Baxter) as well as those of the Antinomians (i.e. Tobias Crisp).  As a side note, Traill also made me go out and purchase Walter Marshall's Gospel Mystery… Continue reading Justification Vindicated