The Church’s Dumbing Down (Guinness)

 (This is a re-post from May 2013). A person only needs to listen to contemporary Christian radio for thirty minutes to realize that the Christian faith has been extremely watered down in our day.  Since there is little talk of the law, sin, and God’s wrath, any mention of Jesus reduces him to a divine… Continue reading The Church’s Dumbing Down (Guinness)

The Loss of the Christian Mind in America (Moreland)

As I was re-reading parts of Love God With All Your Mind, I came across this great section I had marked up - a section of the book where Moreland talks about the loss of the Christian mind in American Christianity.  I've posted it here before, but it is for sure worth noting again.  Especially… Continue reading The Loss of the Christian Mind in America (Moreland)

Anti-Intellectualism and American Revivalism

The historic Christian church has typically been a thinking church.  From Paul to Augustine to Bernard to Aquinas to Calvin to Owen (including many others), Christianity has had a robustly intellectual side to it.  Many Christians have taken seriously Jesus’ command to love God with our minds. In the American church, however, there has been… Continue reading Anti-Intellectualism and American Revivalism

Seven Obstacles of Spiritual Maturity

 I’ve been making my way through this outstanding book: Love God with All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland (Colorado Springs, NavPress, 1997).  Among other things, I appreciated Moreland’s discussion of the “seven traits of the empty self” that are so prevalent in many Westerners today.  And these seven traits, Moreland argues, undermine and stand… Continue reading Seven Obstacles of Spiritual Maturity

Doctrine: Superfluous Paraphernalia of the Church?

Here's a great critique of revivalistic pietism by Os Guinness. "The trouble was that after the movement of revialistic pietism swept by [in the 1800s], evangelicalism had also become anti-intellectual and anti-theological to a fault.  Examples of this anti-theological anti-intellectualism abound.  'My theology!' Dwight L.  Moody said later, 'I didn't know I had any.'  'If… Continue reading Doctrine: Superfluous Paraphernalia of the Church?