True Freedom… in Christ (Hoekema)

Anthony Hoekema's Created in God's Image is an excellent Reformed resource for the study of biblical anthropology (the doctrine of man). I've enjoyed this book for quite a few years now. In my studies last week I was reading chapter twelve, which has to do with human freedom. In a helpful way, Hoekema explained what… Continue reading True Freedom… in Christ (Hoekema)

The Goals of Effectual Calling (Hoekema)

I just read a helpful section of Anthony Hoekema's book, Saved by Grace. It's the part where he discusses the biblical doctrine of effectual calling. I don't really have to summarize it because Hoekema is concise and clear: ...A more complete definition of effectual calling, therefore, might be: that sovereign action of God through his… Continue reading The Goals of Effectual Calling (Hoekema)

The Need for an Effectual Call (Hoekema)

 I really like these reflections by Anthony Hoekema on the effectual call of God.  Hoekema first gives an objection, then a clear answer and an illustration.  This post is a bit longer than my usual ones, but it's not too tough to read/follow - and it's comforting! A final objection which could be raised is… Continue reading The Need for an Effectual Call (Hoekema)

Eight Points: A Critique of Dispensational Premillenialism

(This is a re-post from September, 2014) Anthony Hoekema (d. 1988) wrote a helpful critique of dispensational premillennialism in his excellent book, The Bible and the Future.  Because I think they are helpful, I’m going to summarize and edit them below.  I strongly recommend reading the entire 20-page chapter for the full discussion – along… Continue reading Eight Points: A Critique of Dispensational Premillenialism

Grace Efficacious, Grace Unlosable (Hoekema)

 God's saving grace is sovereign grace. That means so many things!  It means that election is gracious rather than meritorious (Eph 1:6); election is unconditional because it is all of God's gracious good pleasure.  Regeneration is gracious: we were dead in sin, but God graciously gave us new life in Christ (Eph. 2:5).  Justification is… Continue reading Grace Efficacious, Grace Unlosable (Hoekema)