Common Grace and Christian Piety in the Patristics

There are some awesome pieces of Christian literature in the Ante Nicene Fathers.  One that stands out is Theonas of Alexandria's epistle to Lucianus, a Christian who worked in the office of the emperor (around the end of the 3rd Century AD). Bishop Theonas exhorted Lucianus to do his job for the government with utmost… Continue reading Common Grace and Christian Piety in the Patristics

Cyprian’s Christian Precepts

Volume 5 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers contains the works of [Thascius/Caecilius] Cyprian (3rd century AD).  These are a joy and pleasure to read.  In fact, if you've wanted to do some reading in the patristics, I'd recommend getting this volume (decently priced on Amazon) and slowly working through Cyprian's epistles and treatises.   Or, if this is too much… Continue reading Cyprian’s Christian Precepts

Praying With Cyprian (As It Were)

In Treatise IV (written in 252 AD) from volume 5 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Cyprian comments on prayer in general and the Lord's Prayer specifically.  It is an awesome treatise, well worth the read (as I noted a few days ago).   Here are a few great quotes from this treatise. "It is a loving and… Continue reading Praying With Cyprian (As It Were)

Turing From Idols: Ancient Syriac Documents

In volume 8 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (ANF), there are some ancient Syriac documents which "made the cut" and are included, though the authorship, date, and occasions are not always known.  It is also clear that some of these Syriac documents have additions and subtractions.  However, they do preserve for us at least in general… Continue reading Turing From Idols: Ancient Syriac Documents

Hippolytus (d. 236 AD) on the Psalter

Hippolytus (bishop in Rome around 220-236 AD) wrote quite a bit for the benefit of the early church; many of his writings have been recovered and translated.  One particular fragment I found fascinating is his short introduction to the Psalter (found with other writings of his in Ante Nicene Fathers, V.199ff).  I'll summarize his brief… Continue reading Hippolytus (d. 236 AD) on the Psalter