Divine Simplicity (Simplicitas Dei)

Here are two Christian theologians’ discussions of divine simplicity (simplicitas Dei).  The first, comes from Anselm of Canterbury (around 1080) in Proslogion: “What are you, Lord, what are You; what shall my heart understand You to be?  You are, assuredly, life, You are wisdom, You are truth, You are goodness, You are blessedness, You are… Continue reading Divine Simplicity (Simplicitas Dei)

Barth on Credo Ut Intelligam

Some parts of Karl Barth’s Dogmatics frustrate me, upset me, and make me want to quit reading them once and for all.  Other parts make me want to finish them ASAP.  Here’s a helpful quote – one of the reasons I read this stuff.  It has to do with the first line of the Apostle’s… Continue reading Barth on Credo Ut Intelligam

A Prayer of Anselm: “Truth and Understanding”

  Many of us may have heard Anselm's (d. 1109) famous line, "I believe so that I may understand."  That famous line is part of a longer (and outstanding) prayer we may not have heard.  Here it is (at least part of it).  Read it slowly and deeply. "I acknowledge, Lord, and I give thanks… Continue reading A Prayer of Anselm: “Truth and Understanding”