The Anatomy of Your Anger – And Putting It Away (Powlison)

Some Christians have a very short fuse. Sometimes anger is one of those sins that plague Christians and makes life pretty tough for them and the people around them. There are more than a few verses in the Bible that speak against anger. Biblical wisdom notes that an angry person causes much transgression (Prov. 29:22).… Continue reading The Anatomy of Your Anger – And Putting It Away (Powlison)

Dear Angry Person: Slow Down! (Groves/Smith)

Anger is often sinful and it typically leads a person to commit more sin. For example, Saul's anger led him to throw a spear at David in attempt to kill him (1 Sam. 18:8-11). Proverbs condemns anger several times (e.g. 15:18, 22:24, 29:22). Paul lists "fits of anger" as one of the wicked works of… Continue reading Dear Angry Person: Slow Down! (Groves/Smith)