Liturgies for Daily Worship: A Review

Here’s an interesting book of daily devotions: Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship by Jonathan Gibson. The book is pretty much what you’d expect from the title. It’s a 31 day collection of liturgies for the day. For example, there’s a call to worship, a prayer of adoration, a reading of the… Continue reading Liturgies for Daily Worship: A Review

Leaving Rome

On the one hand, the Roman Catholic Church seems impressive with her history, symbols, liturgies, popes, and rituals.  Some people become Catholic because they appreciate these types of religious things.  However, others are leaving Rome because amidst the rituals and symbols, they cannot find the gospel.  In Stepping out in Faith, Mark Gilbert has collected… Continue reading Leaving Rome

Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

A friend of mine who has roots in the Anglican tradition gave me a great article by Anglican bishop J. C. Ryle (d. 1900).  The article has to do with the 39 Articles - specifically in the context of the late 1800s when some Anglicans were essentially ignoring them.  Though I write this for the… Continue reading Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

Missionary Methods: Paul’s or Ours?

While reading through many different books on missions and church planting, I purchased and read this one because it was cited all over the place: Roland Allen's Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours? First published in the early 20th century, Allen revised it in 1927 and it has been reprinted over and over since then. … Continue reading Missionary Methods: Paul’s or Ours?

Scripture and Tradition

 I was talking to a friend of mine who has some roots in and appreciation for the Anglican church.  We got to talking about the role of tradition in the Christian life, and both of us agreed that tradition rightly understood is a strength of historic Christian churches (i.e. ordered liturgy, prayers, creeds, calendars, etc.).  This,… Continue reading Scripture and Tradition