Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

 I'm one of those people who absolutely love music. It goes back to my childhood when I was messing around with radios and speakers trying to get my dad's old Beach Boys 8-tracks to play (loudly!).  Although today I can play a handful of instruments (badly!), I always tell my kids I'd trade my Jeep… Continue reading Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

Losing God’s Love? (Sibbes)

 There are times in the Christian life when, for various reasons, we don't feel God's love.  Sometimes the Christian doesn't feel loved by God because of certain sins committed, because of a brutal affliction that weighs heavy, or because of something else.  Andrew Peterson put it this way in his song "Just As I Am":… Continue reading Losing God’s Love? (Sibbes)

Kids’ Books – Updated Again

On the exciting occasion of purchasing Andrew Peterson’s final installation of The Wingfeather Saga – namely, The Warden and the Wolf King – I thought I’d also update the “Kids’ Books” page on this blog (GO HERE TO SEE IT).  I’ve added a few more books to that list, so check it out if you… Continue reading Kids’ Books – Updated Again

North! Or Be Eaten (For Your Kids)

Over the past few years, I’ve read a ton of books to my three boys.  It’s part of our nighttime routine to read a chapter or two of some book (along with a Bible story).  We’ve read the Narnia books and The Hobbit more than a few times.  We’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress (a kids’ version). … Continue reading North! Or Be Eaten (For Your Kids)

The Fear That I’ll Fall One Too Many Times

Though we usually don't post music on here (this is the Reformed Reader), I love this song enough to share the lyrics (so you can read) them.  They're from a song by Andrew Peterson called "Just as I am."  I always appreciate the deep imagery Peterson displays in his music. What's that on the ground?… Continue reading The Fear That I’ll Fall One Too Many Times