Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: A Brief Review

For the past few months I’ve been working through Kostenberger/Merkle/Plummer’s ”Going Deeper with New Testament Greek” (B&H Academic, Nashville: 2020). Although I did take Greek in college and in seminary, from time to time I like to get a new Greek grammar/syntax in order to keep learning the language. I’m about 60% finished with Going… Continue reading Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: A Brief Review

The Applicability of the Exodus (Kostenberger/Patterson)

Andreas Kostenberger and Richard Patterson’s Invitation to Biblical Interpretation is a pretty thorough resource on the topic. At over 850 pages, it covers all the areas of interpretation: historical context, literary context, canon, genre, grammar, linguistics, and figures of speech - just to name a few! I haven’t read the whole book, but what I… Continue reading The Applicability of the Exodus (Kostenberger/Patterson)

Pride, Celebrity, Self-Flattery, and Donkeys

 Andreas Kostenberger has a nice section about humility in his book Excellence.  He notes that humility is one of the "cardinal virtues in the Christian life and in academic work."  In the chapter Kostenberger quotes Calvin: I was always exceedingly delighted with that saying of Chrysostom, “The foundation of our philosophy is humility”; and yet more… Continue reading Pride, Celebrity, Self-Flattery, and Donkeys

The New Testament Canon and the Church

There have been various attacks on the New Testament for many years; it's nothing new when someone levels an objection or complaint against it.  Recent attacks include setting Paul against Jesus, using apocryphal books to discredit the NT, and saying the formation of the canon was a power-move of the early church.  Andreas Kostenberger and… Continue reading The New Testament Canon and the Church

Inspiration, Criticism, and Fallacious Understanding

Modern critics of Scripture argue that since we only have copies of the words God inspired, we don’t have God’s actual and inspired word.  Bart Ehrman said it like this: “If God really wanted people to have his actual words, surely he would have miraculously preserved those words, just as he had miraculously inspired them… Continue reading Inspiration, Criticism, and Fallacious Understanding