A Perfect Church Or I Quit

 In the wake of the Reformation, the radical reformers (the Anabaptists) emphasized a pure church - they wanted a church that consisted exclusively of regenerate people who lived holy lives.  Calvin, Luther, Ursinus, and other such reformers quickly distanced themselves from this unbiblical view of the church.  Today too some people withdraw from the church… Continue reading A Perfect Church Or I Quit

The Anabaptists and Luther

What did the Anabaptists of the radical reformation generally think of Luther and the Reformers?  Not much.  In a letter from Conrad Grebel to Thomas Muntzer (from 1524), Grebel wrote that between the Romanists and the Reformers (which he called "the pope and antipapal preachers"), "there is grosser and more pernicious error now than ever… Continue reading The Anabaptists and Luther

Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT

The early Reformer Huldreich Zwingli wrote a helpful treatise against early baptists.  The title of this treatise (which made me chuckle at first) is Refutation of the Tricks of the Catabaptists.  Though Zwingli isn't always the best to read, in my opinion, this tract is more than worthwhile. For example, he uses Paul's discussion in 1 Cor 10.1-2 (our… Continue reading Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT