The European Reformation(s)

 I just noticed a clearance sale on a seminary textbook I've grown to love: The European Reformations by Carter Lindberg (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1996).  Note: this is the first edition of the textbook.  The second edition is out as well (check it out here).  The first edition would be good for those of you who… Continue reading The European Reformation(s)

Where the Word Is, There Is the Spirit

In the immediate wake of the Reformation, some radical reformers (the Anabaptists) began to divorce the Spirit from the Word.   For example, some Anabaptists said the Bible was a 'dead letter' (referring to Paul's words in 2 Cor. 3).  In 1531, Sebastian Franck even lamented that his friend Campanus was "so addicted to the letter of Scripture" that he withdrew his heart… Continue reading Where the Word Is, There Is the Spirit

Anabaptist Profiles Part II

 In August, I did a sort of "Anabaptist profile" on Conrad Grebel, who hated the early 16th century Papacy and the Reformers equally - both were antichrists to many anabaptists like Grebel.  This "profile" is a brief on Balthasar Hubmaier, living at the same time as Grebel, Munzter, John Denck, and so forth, in the early 16th century. … Continue reading Anabaptist Profiles Part II

Why Baptism?

Though I do not fully agree with Luther on all his baptismal views, this one is outstandingly God-centered - it is still wrestling me around the room as I type. "We are baptized[;] not because we are certain of our faith but because it is the command and will of God.  For even if I… Continue reading Why Baptism?

Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies

Earlier, I posted a blurb from Mike Horton on Volf and Grenz, specifically discussing Free-Church ecclesiology.  Volf had a penetrating critique which Horton draws upon and expands from the Reformation point of view in People and Place.  By way of reminder, Volf (himself within the Free Church tradition), criticized Free Church ecclesiology for giving into… Continue reading Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies