Religion Of, By, and For the People

I've mentioned Hatch's The Democratization of American Christianity on this blog before and I'm sure I'll mention it again.  This is the book you need to read if you've ever wondered how Christianity got so screwed up in the United States.  If you've wondered where goofy patriotic hymns originated, if you want to learn when… Continue reading Religion Of, By, and For the People

Unitarian Universalism: An American Faith

This will work quite well in the United States, though biblical Christian churches must flee from it like the plague.  Of course, I think this is the opposite of historic Christianity, but I post the following dialogue to show you part of the "core-values" of many Americans who are "religious."  This kind of stuff makes the NYT bestseller… Continue reading Unitarian Universalism: An American Faith

Our Way, Right Away: Finding God

 In David Wells' great book, The Courage to be Protestant, he discusses the inherent neo-paganism in American religion.  "The assumption that we all have a natural access to the sacred is as old as the oldest forms of paganism."  This, writes Wells, is the assumption of many Americans, that we can get to God our… Continue reading Our Way, Right Away: Finding God

Paradoxes and Contradictions in American Christianity

Since reading D. G. Hart's A Secular Faith, which deals with Christianity in/and America, I grabbed George Marsden's Religion and American Culture.  Both are fascinating and well worth the investment and time.  I am always dismayed when reading of the history of Christianity in America, from Finney to Fundamentalism to faith-healing, though I suppose most… Continue reading Paradoxes and Contradictions in American Christianity